Confidence is contagious

Confidence is something almost every parent wants for their child.   Confident kids tend to be more outgoing and their personalities attract more friends.  Confident kids tend to be more charismatic, extroverted, and socially skilled- which are highly desirable features. Secondly, we tend to equate confidence with competence. So we automatically assume that confident people are also more able-skilled or talented.

On the other hand some kids internally are confident but don’t show their confidence. Rather they hide it from others,   These kids are often thought of as arrogant and even obnoxious, rather than charming are extroverted.    So we really desire confidence with competence.
Let me paint some visuals.   I have a large Great Dane that is almost solid black, she stands 4 feet tall and has a bark that would intimidate almost anyone.   When I walk her in the neighborhood some people walk on the other side of the street.   Then there are people who just want to say hi and pet her.   When they approach me they ask, “is her friendly ?”.   All of a sudden “Thumper” gets real shy, bows her heads and backs away.    Wow – talk about looking confident but really nothing to back it up.
You have see the same thing on American Idol.   A singer that looks as though he is going to really rock out a song and all of a sudden starts to sings and you think – What?
When we worry about our kids in school and bullying many of us immediately think “if only he or she were more confident, I would feel a whole lot better.”
Martial Arts is great for confidence because it comes with competence.    How? Competence comes from correct fast decision making, good choices, fitness, health and the ability to defend oneself,
This month is Confidence Month at our school.  Please attend our Confidence with Competence workshop and see how martial arts can help you and your child.
Confidence is Contagious – Pass it on and bring a friend or two.

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