Welcome to South Florida Han Mu Do School of Korean Martial Arts & Karate in Hollywood FL

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Located in Hollywood FL, South Florida Han Mu Do provides more than the traditional martial arts / karate experience for you or your kids. Learn both self defense and life skills to get fit, live healthier, and develop physical, social, and cognitive abilities in a fun environment with others.

We Offer More Than Just Punching and Kicking.

At South Florida Han Mu Do, we don’t just teach you how to do punches and kicks. From kids to adults our programs will help you be more fit, live a healthier lifestyle, learn self-defense techniques, and develop life skills that will help you in all areas of your life and career. Discover our available programs below and find out how martial arts can benefit you.

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Little Dragons

Discover our available programs for kids ages 3-6, for building physical, social, and cognitive abilities while enjoying the fun benefits of martial arts and working as a team.

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Find out about the Juniors program for students ages 7-10, where they can discover self-discipline and life skills to perform better in school, while learning self-defense.

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adults karate


Find out about our program for teens & adults, focusing on the development of functional martial arts skills that provides real-life benefits both inside and outside the training facility.

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Kardio Kickboxing

Looking for a better way to get fit?  The Cardio Kickboxing class for adults adds a martial arts approach to high intensity group fitness training that will get you in top shape in no time, while having fun.

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Birthday Parties

Make Your Kid's Birthday Party Amazing Here At South Florida Han Mu Do!
Martial Arts. Games and Prizes. Pizza and Soft Drinks.

We do all the work…You have all the fun!


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