Self Defense Classes in Hollywood FL

South Florida Hanmudo is Hollywood’s top training and self defense program.

We offer self defense classes for all ages including men, women, and children.

Whether you are a victim of bullying or just looking to learn how to defend yourself from an attacker, our master trainers can help teach you the techniques and confidence you need to stay protected.

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Why Take Self Defense Classes With Us?

Self Defense Classes Hollywood FL

Our classes are open to people of all age groups and experience levels. To allow for optimum instruction we organize classes accordingly so that students of similar age and level are getting the instruction they need. With classes designed so specifically, students learn and pick up techniques faster and more efficiently.

Our instructors, are 6th degree blackbelts with a in depth understanding of self defense and martial arts. The founder and instructor at the school Bernardo Osio is also a police officer for the Broward County police department and deals daily with these type of situations that require learning of self defense techniques.

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Reasons Why Everyone Should Take a Self Defense Class

Nothing feels better than knowing you can take care of yourself mentally, financially, and physically. However for a lot of people, the physical part is just exercise. Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster as much as it is a reassurance.

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    First and foremost you will learn how to protect yourself and others from any potential attackers or a bad situation.

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    With self defense training you will improve your confidence in any situation both in the face of a potential attack or in daily life, career and business.

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    Learn balance both physically and mentally across all areas of your life.

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    Learn self discipline through weekly training, dedication and practice.

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    With self defense training comes improvement in fitness in all areas mentally and physically.

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    Improve Reflexes

    With self defense and martial arts training you will gain improved reflexes and reaction speed.

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    Goal Setting

    Learn to set goals and achieve them, which is powerful outside of self defense including fitness, school, or work.

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    Self Respect

    Learn self respect through confidence and training to overcome any challenge.

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    Improve awareness inside yourself and outside on the streets.

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