HAN MU DO in Korean means The Korean Martial Way.

The Way means the Korean Philosophy of Han. This philosophy is incorporated into the Korean fighting strategies of Han Mu Do.

Our Core Values

Balance in intellectual and physical development (Swordsmanship and Penmanship).

We practice Han Mu Do with the desire to become wiser and stronger individuals. As we work to become wiser and strong, we will devote our time to help others achieve their full potential. It is through these endeavors, that we will work towards a better world for all.

The Han Philosophy
Balance between high and low positions.
Balance between oneself and one’s surrounding
An optimistic attitude towards life.
Balance in intellectual and physical development.

Set and Achieve High Goals

Part of student creed is for you to be optimistic in life, schooling, and careers to set and achieve high goals. This we teach all of our students to set and achieve their desired goals in life, school, work or business.

Practice to Balance Body, Mind, and Spirit

We believe in both the pen and the sword methods of teaching. We foster an educational enviroment where are students can improve body, mind, and spirit.

Understand our duty to better ourselves, help others and to make a better world.

We show our students the importance and duty to better yourself, help others, and to make a better world for all. It’s a shared world and we can learn to enjoy, share, and improve it together.

Respect our country, our family and ourselves.

As a student you are taught to pursue excellence in all areas of life and to respect our surroundings including our country, family, and ourselves.

The Martial Art of Han Mu Do

Hanmudo technical defensive techniques are based on the Mu Han Dae (The Infinity Wave),Circle Principle, Water Principle, 9 direction movements and natural body movements. Its mental strategy is control of breath and mind,” Yu Shim Kang Kwan Han” (gentle mind strong fist) and the highest level “Mu Shim Mu Kwan” (empty mind empty fist).

By being continuously fluid and “gentle”, the opponent’s strong offense is penetrated and enveloped. The aim of Hanmudo defense is to bring the opponent to be immobilized on the ground where his kicks and punches have no effect, and to lock or choke him out for submission.

Han Mu Do Founder

Grandmaster He-Young Kimm, is the Founder of Han Mu Do. He is president of The World Han Mu Do Association and International President of the Korea Ki Do Association, has over 50 years of teaching, studies and research in traditional and in modern Korean martial arts.

He has studied under the founder of Hapkido, Grandmaster Ji Han Jae and achieved 9th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido. He also studied Kuk Sul under the founder, Grandmaster Suh In Hyuk and received 8th Dan under him. He also holds the rank of 9th Dan in Korean Judo.

He also studied other Korean systems like Taekwondo,Kum Do(Korean Swordsmanship),Tang Soo Do,and rare ones like Tae Kyon, Ship Pal Ki, Sun Mu Do, Sundo and Muye Yi Ship Sa Ban under the systems’ founders and grandmasters.

With the advice of Hapkido founder,Grandmaster Ji, and Kuk Sul founder, Grandmaster Suh, he founded the Han Mu Do System we use today.

He has also personally trained our main instructors who teach at South Florida Han Mu Do.

Han Mu Do Training

Hanmudo is similar to Hapkido. Hapkido compared to Hanmudo is more aggressive and harder in nature. In contrast, Hanmudo uses the same philosophy as Han Tae Keuk (Korean Tai Chi). When a lock is applied in Hapkido, it is followed with a pushing forward downward motion to throw or bring down the attacker. While in Hanmudo, a pulling action coupled with a either upward or downward motion is used. The purpose of this is to allow smooth follow up movements to other techniques.

Hanmudo motion follows the infinity sign (Mu Han Dae) in blocking and attacking movements.

A unique aspect of Hanmudo not seen in other martial arts is the mental and physical coordination during training. A Hanmudoist has to mentally kihap (Ki yell) “Yu Shim Kang Kwan Han” to coordinate with the certain technique he is doing , so as to let his mind “move” his techniques.

Hanmudo weapon training starts in early stages of training, whereas in Hapkido, weapon training is at higher grades. Hanmudo weapon forms are taken from Korea’s oldest martial art text, Muye Dobo Tong Ji.

There are altogether 12 levels of rank training and testing before a student of Hanmudo achieves his 1st Dan Black Belt.

In each level, there are 6 divisions:

  • Connector.


    of ancient Korean Masters

  • Connector.

    Ki Training

    Internal Strength and mental training

  • Connector.

    Striking and Kicking

    Practice of striking and kicking attackes

  • Connector.

    Ho Shin Sul

    Self Defense techniques – Joint locking, pressure point techniques, striking, throwing, choking, ground techniques

  • Connector.


    Long pole, short stick, knife, Korean sword, rope or belt, cane, fan

  • Connector.

    Dae Ryun

    Free Sparring

Techniques You Will Learn

  • Mental and Physical conditioning (Ki Training)
  • Techniques of hand striking and leg kicking
  • Techniques of Head Butting
  • Techniques of attacking Pressure Points and Cavity Press
  • Techniques of Joint Locks and Bone Separation
  • Techniques of Choking
  • Techniques of Throwing
  • Techniques of Grappling and Ground Fighting
  • Techniques of Korean Tai Chi (Han Tae Keuk)
  • Techniques of Korean weapons

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