Kids Karate in Hollywood FL

kids karate in hollywood fl

Martial Arts Program For Children Ages 7-10

Our kids karate classes are at the most crucial stage of life that lay the foundation for tomorrow. The martial arts help balance children emotionally, mentally and physically, and it provides them with the tools to maintain that balance throughout life.

Our instructors pride themselves in offering the highest quality instruction that is both fun and effective for all students, and we assure you that our facility is perfect for your family.

Have younger kids? Check out our Little Dragons Karate Program for ages 3-6.

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Martial Arts is more than just kicking and punching.

In our school we teach kids life principles including discipline, respect and many other important life building skills.

A unique aspect of Hanmudo not seen in other martial arts is the mental and physical coordination during training. A Hanmudoist has to mentally kihap (Ki yell) “Yu Shim Kang Kwan Han” to coordinate with the certain technique he is doing , so as to let his mind “move” his techniques. Your child will learn this coordination, which can be applied to all areas of life.

Your child will not only learn how to defend themselves against any potential danger, but they will also learn highly valuable life skills that will help them do better in school and set a foundation for their success as future adults. Learn more about Han Mu Do.

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    Self Defense

    Your child will learn self-defense principles to protect themselves from bullies, kidnappers, and more.

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    Through the practice of martial arts your child will learn self-discipline habits they can use throughout life to get better grades in school and achieve more in their careers.

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    Our programs are developed to help your child learn respect for their family, teachers, country, and themselves.

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    Health & Fitness

    With martial arts there is plenty of movement and fitness involved to keep your child in the best shape.

How to Get Started

Interested in kids karate in Hollywood FL? Our classes are open to children of all age groups and experience levels. To allow for better instruction we organize classes accordingly so that students of similar age and level are getting the instruction they need. With classes designed so specifically, students learn and pick up techniques faster and more efficiently.

Contact us below to request a free trial class and find out whether martial arts is a right fit for your child. We will schedule an appointment for you to visit our school in Hollywood, FL, or feel free to stop by anytime during our business hours.

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